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Rhys Meirion

In Verita

In Verita

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It is hard to believe that twenty years have elapsed since I trod onto the Glyndebourne stage to sing Edmondo in Mannon Lescaut by Puccini on the 10th of August 1999 – my very first appointment as a professional singer. This album celebrates that milestone in a way, and catches the essence of my voice at this time in my career through interpretations of the songs I’ve been singing in concerts over the years but as yet haven’t recorded. On my first album back in 2001 I received, with humility, this compliment from the then English National Opera Music Director Paul Daniel CBE “It is rare enough to find a true tenor voice, but even Scarcer is the singer who can use that instrument to communicate directly from his heart.” I have tried to be true to those kind words over the years, and I very much hope that this comes over in the performances on this album. Over the years I have had very special experiences of singing as a soloist in some of the most iconic buildings in the music world. Places such as the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, the Albert Hall in London, the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall in New York and many more. But equally important to me is singing in small halls, and chapels all over Wales, receiving the warmest of Welsh welcomes that is so close to my heart. It is extremely appropriate, that the extraordinarily versatile and gifted musician, Brian Hughes, accompanies me on this album. In fact, what we have here is duets between piano and voice rather than a soloist and an accompanist. I have been extremely fortunate to have good teachers and coaches over the years, and I am extremely indebted to people like David Pollard, Gerald Martin Moore, Iris Dell’Acqua, Phillip Thomas, Antony Legge, Mark Shanahan and many more. But it is Brian Hughes who has been a constant over the years, and I feel the greatest privilege of having him as a teacher, a mentor and a friend to co-perform with me here. Thank you for buying this album, and I hope you will enjoy listening to how I am, absolutely (In Verità), at my happiest – singing! I would like to dedicate this compilation to my father Gwilym Meirion, to my wife Nia, my children Osian, Elan and Erin, and to the memory of my mother Catherine Jones and my sister Elen Meirion, in gratitude of their support and encouragement and for being my core inspiration in everything I do. Rhys Meirion June 2019 It was a great pleasure to work with Rhys on this CD; a CD which celebrates twenty years as a professional singer. During this time Rhys has developed into a likeable and popular character on national television as a presenter of musical programmes. But it’s Rhys the tenor that is heard here, and his innate virtues come to the fore in the songs; a warm appealing voice, intelligent phrasing, and the ability to caress the lyrics. We intended to record fifteen songs, but twenty four hours before recording we found ‘Gras Calvaria’ by E.T. Davies, and knew it had to be included. There’s a little of everything here; longing, hymns, patriotism, tenderness, a touch of the Mafia, and an Argentine Tango. Enjoy them all! Brian Hughes Mehefin/June 2019

  1. Parla Piu Piano (Speak Softly Love: The Godfather)
  2. Cilfan Y Coed (Shade In The Trees)
  3. If I Can Help Somebody
  4. El Dia Que Me Quieras (The Day That You Love Me)
  5. Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (You Are My Heart’s Delight: The Land Of Smiles)
  6. Gras Calfaria (Blessed Calvary)
  7. Gweddi Y Pechadur (The Sinner’s Prayer)
  8. I’ll Walk Beside You
  9. Musica Prohibita (Forbidden Music)
  10. Elen Fwyn (Ellen Dear)
  11. Annabelle Lee
  12. Gwlad Y Delyn (Land Of The Harp)
  13. Hiraeth (Longing)
  14. Pa Le Mae’r Amen? (Where Is The Amen?)
  15. Cof Am Y Cyfiawn Iesu (Of Jesus Just And Holy: Home Sweet Home)
  16. Tell My Father
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