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Since releasing the first album back in 2017, Bwncath have become one of the busiest bands in Wales.

2019 saw a fantastic response to both singles 'Hear Your Voice', and the winning song in the Cân i Cymru competition, 'This Way 'Da Ni Fod', and performed as a band at the Pan Celtic Festival. In addition to this, a special video (animated by Lleucu Non) to the song 'Dos Yn Dy Flaen' was released to celebrate Wales Music Day 2020, and all three songs reached the One Thousand Club streams on Spotify.

Following the popularity and success of their debut album, it is a pleasure to announce the release of a new album. The album 'II' was recorded at Sain Studio by Buncath members Elidyr Glyn (lead and acoustic vocals), Robin Llwyd (electric guitar and background vocals), Alun Williams (bass guitar and background vocals) and Twm Ellis (drums and background vocals).

Now, the 4 members regularly gigged together for over a year. The band said: "It's been really nice to record the album as a quartet for the first time. It definitely feels like a whole between the four of us and true to our live performances."

"We're looking forward to everyone getting to hear the new songs, and especially the wonderful guests who have enriched some of the tracks."

 'II' was produced by Robin Llwyd and the artwork was designed by Elidyr Glyn.

  1. Gwiberod
  2. Clywed dy Lais
  3. Dos yn dy Flaen
  4. Hollti'r Maen
  5. Fel Hyn da ni Fod
  6. Tonnau
  7. Haws i'w Ddeud
  8. Addewidion
  9. Aberdaron
  10. Sgenaim Mynadd


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