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Meic Stevens

Icarws / Icarus

Icarws / Icarus

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Hotel de la France, Douarnenez Hi everyone, Initially I wanted to do something with the rock opera that I wrote some years ago with Rhydwen Williams, about Dic Penderyn – a TV or stage production, but unfortunately this fell on deaf years. Instead, I was asked by Dafydd Roberts to record a new CD for SAIN. I didn’t have many songs at the time so I went into the ‘archive’, in other words, the old books and pieces of paper I’ve kept around the place for all these years. I also decided to record some of the songs I’d written for other people, and by the end of the recording session I had 15 tracks, however not all of them have found their way on to this CD. I also wanted to show on record the musical talent of the band that I’ve been performing with for over ten years now, I’m sure you all know them! And Bill Fleming from Jacksonville, Florida joined us on the pedal steel; he’s been studying at Aber(ystwyth) University. Also my stepson Marcel Batin came to play some electric guitar along with Pwyll ap Siôn on piano and synths, and Kevin Lewis on the banjo. I’m also grateful to Heather Jones and Lleuwen Steffan for agreeing to sing with me on some of the tracks. Again thanks to everyone at SAIN, especially Ellen, Eryl B Davies the engineer, and Siwan for the mastering. I wrote all the songs, and Geraint Jarman helped me translate some that we’re originally written in English….. and that’s it, I think! Time to open another bottle….
Hwyl fawr,

  1. Adenydd Icarus
  2. Merch yn y canol
  3. Canu cân o dristwch
  4. Digon o le
  5. Oes rhywun yna
  6. Canu gwlad
  7. Ann Llwyd
  8. Gwenllian
  9. Caru fi ddim mwy
  10. Troi y clychau
  11. Georgie
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