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Robin Huw Bowen

The Language of the Soul

The Language of the Soul

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Master of the Welsh Triple Harp releases new album – the language of the soul. Since 1983, Robin Huw Bowen has introduced the Welsh Triple Harp and its music to thousands all over the world. As the only full-time professional Welsh harpist specializing solely in the Welsh Triple Harp, his influence on the world of Welsh folk music and harping has been far-reaching. He undoubtedly ranks among the most important figures that the Welsh folk tradition has produced and Sain Records are proud to release his latest album, the language of the soul, his fourth recording for the label. ‘You shouldn’t learn the new and forget the old’ said Nansi Richards, Telynores Maldwyn (the renowned Montgomeryshire harpist) back in 1965, and Robin follows her wise guidance with his new album – the language of the soul. The album title, Iaith Enaid – which translates to language of the soul, comes from the old saying ‘iaith enaid ar ei thannau’ which literally means the language of the soul on the harp strings, and has become a moto for those who have been protecting and promoting the triple harp in Wales over the centuries. Nobody does more to protect the triple harp tradition in Wales than Robin, and on his new album he features a mix of the old and new. Some of the tunes (The South Pembrokeshire Hunt & The Sunshine Waltz) are composed by Robin himself, and inspired by his numerous tours abroad, and other various experiences such as his time working with Y Glerorfa here in Wales. Other tracks are arrangements of Welsh traditional tunes by Robin Huw Bowen specifically for the tripe harp. Robin also has a great interest in the music of the Welsh gypsy harpists, and the track ‘New Gypsy Hornpipes’ is in keeping with the unique style of those harpists, the Roberts and Wood families. Although Robin enjoys traveling the world as an ambassador for the triple harp, returning home to Wales gives him great pleasure ‘Being on tour with my harp is wonderful, but very often after several weeks away, the best bit is when my car finally turns westwards once again, across Darkest England and over the border, particularly when I hit Eisteddfa Gurig, and it’s downhill all the way.. to one’s own place, one’s own armchair, and one’s own tv remote… ah, Yes! That is indeed ‘bodloneb’ (contentment)!

  1. Helfa De Penfro (The South Pembrokeshire Hunt)
  2.  Caniad y Clych ym Morgannwg (The Bells of Glamorgan)
  3.  Ymadawiad y Brenin (The King's Departure)
  4.  Y Pural Fesur (The Perfect Measure)
  5.  Pibddawnsiau Sipsi Newydd (New Gypsy Hornpipes)
  6.  Dwy Dôn Hardd (Two Lovely Tunes)
  7.  Y Ferch o'r Sgêr (The Maid of Sker)
  8.  Y Fwyalchen (The Blackbird)
  9.  Telynor ar y Traeth (The Bard on the Beach)
  10.  Dychweliad y Milwr (The Soldier's Return)
  11.  Walts yr Heulwen (The Sunshine Waltz)
  12.  Bodlondeb (Contentment)
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