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Côr Glanaethwy



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Since its inception in 1990, Ysgol Glanaethwy has released 7 albums, has performed in thousands of concerts and shows, and has travelled the world from China to Bulgaria, from Italy to Hungary, and from Switzerland to the Czech Republic. As part of the school’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2015, Ysgol Glanaethwy travelled to the Welsh colony of Patagonia in Argentina, competed at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, Choir of the Year, and Britain’s Got Talent, and met with great success. The Senior choir won in the open category at Llangollen while the Junior choir won their category in the Choir of the Year competition. The tour of Patagonia, culminating in a performance at the Buenos Aires Cathedral was another high point in a memorable year. And following their success in Britain’s Got Talent, they went on a tour of Britain’s major concert venues. In the coming year, the choir will travel to New York to perform Karl Jenkins’ Cantata Memoria at the Carnegie Hall, thus continuing their world-wide appeal which has seen them attract over 20 million views on YouTube! Their young members now hope that their followers will appreciate this latest collection of songs old and new, in sombre and joyful mood and in many genres. Thank you for buying the album, and enjoy the music.

  1.  Benedictus
  2.  Blodeuwedd
  3.  Os Oes Gen i Gân i'w Chanu
  4.  Reach
  5.  Cantelina
  6.  Iesu Yw
  7.  River of Love
  8.  Y Weddi
  9.  Razzamatazz
  10.  O Gymru
  11.  Haleliwia
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