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Gwn Glân Beibl Budr

Gwn Glân Beibl Budr

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Lleuwen returns with her most rooted and experimental album to date. Twisting ancient hymns to her own compositions Gwn Glân Beibl Budr Clean Gun Dirty Bible takes the Welsh hymn book and throws it into the Age of Misinformation. Live, raw and often improvised, Lleuwen has brought together an extremely varied mix of musicians including traditional triple harpist Llio Rhydderch, jazz pianist Neil Cowley, classical tenor Rhys Meirion and brothers Aled and Dafydd Hughes of alt-rock-country band, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog. Musically and lyrically, Gwn Glân Beibl Budr explores polar opposites: addiction and spirituality; violent guitar strumming with angelic vocals; disconnection in the era of connectivity; historical amnesia. Crashing drums play the role of a beast of prey with the harp playing the role of a young seedling. Songs about urbanism and shrinking rural areas; road traffic, phone traffic, mind traffic. A post-Brexit song about the return of Bendigeidfran from the Mabinogion (the oldest prose stories of Britain) asking him lie across the the sea to bridge the gap between Britain and Europe. This is the first album in which Lleuwen has provided detailed translations for her songs. “Many of the songs on this record talk of bridges and my translations could be bridges for those who don’t know Welsh. Barriers are made to be broken. And that includes language barriers.” Her translations reflect the lyrical intensity of this bold new album. The music speaks for itself.

  1.  Myn Mair
  2.  Y Garddwr
  3.  Hen Rebel
  4.  Cân Taid
  5.  Cwm Rhondda
  6.  Bendigeidfran
  7.  Tir Na Nog
  8.  Pam?
  9.  Cofia Fi
  10.  Caerdydd
  11.  Mynyddoedd
  12.  Y Don Olaf
  13.  Hwyr
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