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Caryl Parry Jones

Goreuon Caryl

Goreuon Caryl

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17 great tracks by the queen of Welsh popular music from her solo albums and her albums with Injaroc, Bando and Caryl a’r Band. Introduction to the CD by Endaf Emlyn : “When the ‘one hit wonder’ band ‘Injaroc’ was born back in 1976, the most popular song on the album was a song composed by Caryl Parry Jones. This collection contains that gem of a song, ‘Calon’, and traces an extremely successful career. By the end of 1977 ‘Injaroc’ had folded but Caryl was a star…It’s difficult to imagine where we would be without her shining talent. Quite often one has to dig deep in order to produce a substantial ‘best of’ collection, but in Caryl’s case one is spoilt for choice. Only a fraction, therefore, of Caryl’s best songs appear on this collection! What makes her work so special? For Caryl composing and singing is second nature – as simple as the beauty of her smile. So simple in fact that the hidden creative genius is overlooked. Every one of her compositions is a perfect marriage of melody, harmony and lyrics. As one of our most musical singers she can adapt to any musical style. These songs contain verve and comedy as well as honest emotion. This is the voice that has voiced the concerns and celebrated the successes of generations. These are the songs that have accompanied the trials and tribulations of the Welsh over the years, and hearing them again will bring the memories flooding back. And a taste for more!”

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