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Annette Bryn Parri

Fi fydd yn gafael yn dy law

Fi fydd yn gafael yn dy law

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This is a very special collection that brings many strands together. During the great lockdown, we saw communities throughout Wales responding in creative ways to the crisis, and one of the

things that happened in Llanuwchllyn was gathering to sing hymns in the street under the leadership of opera singer Mary Lloyd Davies, and many testify to the blessing and boost they received in those informal sessions.

At the same time, the talented pianist from Deiniolen Annette Bryn Parri was looking after her husband Gwyn in his illness, and that experience led Annette to compose a very special song for Gwyn. When Mary called to see her in Neiniolen, the song immediately appealed to her, and it was recorded with Annette of course accompanying. Mary then set out to create a version in English and was invited by Sain to record both versions in the Studio.

Mary's favorite hymns were added by Annette, and I'm sure you'll agree that this is a truly inspiring collection, a record of the community spirit of the lock period at its best, as well as an expression of Annette and Gwyn's deep love. In fact, I prophesy that the song I will take hold will come.

in your hand is a favorite of Welsh singers for the future.

The collection is presented to Gwyn, to Mary's sisters, Ann and Llywela, and to all the grandparents who did not get to see their grandchildren during the difficult period of the lock.

  1. Fi fydd yn gafael yn dy law
  2. Penlan (O iachawdwriaeth gadarn)
  3. Gareth (Wele wrth y drws yn curo)
  4. Beethoven (Trwy ddirgel ffyrdd mae’r uchel Iôr)
  5. Dusseldorf (Mae fy nghalon am ehedeg)
  6. Theodora (Gwawr wedi hirnos,cân wedi loes)
  7. Sandon (Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom)
  8. Lausanne (Iesu, Iesu,’rwyt ti’n ddigon)
  9. Maes-Gwyn (O fendigaid Geidwad clyw fy egwan gri)
  10. Berwyn (Tyrd atom ni, O Grëwr pob goleuni)
  11. Coedmor (Pan oedd Iesu dan yr hoelion)
  12. Aberystwyth (Jesu, lover of my soul)
  13. Price (I Galfaria trof fy wyneb)
  14. Emyn Hwyrol (Tangnefedd - Nefol Dad, mae eto’n nosi)
  15. Trewen (Mi wn fod fy Mhrynwr yn fyw)
  16. To take you by the hand 
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