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Dafydd Iwan



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Dafydd introduces his new collection of hymns: “These great Welsh hymns have been a part of my life since the very beginning, and recording them has been a moving experience for me. The words are powerful, even though the imagery is not of our time, and the tunes refuse to let go. The accompaniment is different, and the arrangements by Hefin Elis are new, but basically these are the hymns I grew up with – expressing the faith which has sustained our nation through the hard times, and has been the underlying joy of the good times.”

  1.  Gwahoddiad
  2.  Saron
  3.  Navarre
  4.  Lausanne
  5.  Ellers
  6.  Wilton Square
  7.  Agnus Dei
  8.  Hen Ddarbi
  9.  Amazing Grace
  10.  Berwyn
  11.  Dim Ond Iesu
  12. Bees
  13.  Theodora
  14.  Bydd Canu yn y Nefoedd
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