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Trebor Edwards

Dyma fy Nghân

Dyma fy Nghân

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This is Trebor Edwards's third record - and his first L.P. This is the voice which has charmed audiences all over Wales and beyond it's borders. Trebor is a farmer by day, spending his time on the hills around Betws Gwerful Goch, near Corwen. By night, the farmer turns singer, and with his clear tenor voice and his warm and natural style and personality wins the hearts of all who hear him.

From long experiences, Trebor knows by now which songs have the greatest appeal for a Welsh audience, and a good selection of these may be heard on this record, including a number of old favourites such as "Yr Hen Rebel", "Côf am y Cyfiawn Iesu" and "The Holy City". A number of new compositions by Manon Easter Lewis, another of Edeyrnion's young musicians, are also included, and the tears won't be far away as you listen to the story of "Old Shep" in Welsh. Another international favourite, recorded for the first time here in Welsh, is the lovely "This is my song".

In short - a beautiful voice and a fine collection of songs.

Side 1

  1. Clod i walia
  2. ‘Rhen Shep
  3. Tyrd awn i hwylio
  4. Rho im dy wên
  5. The Holy City
  6. Yr Hen rebel

Side 2

  1. Côf am y cyfiawn Iesu
  2. Cwmwl Haf
  3. Beibl Mam
  4. Toriad Gwawr
  5. Cymru
  6. Search, Dyma fy nghân



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