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Gwynfor Evans

Dr Gwynfor Evans

Dr Gwynfor Evans

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Gwynfor Evans, President of Plaid Cymru since 1945, is a man whose vision of a free and self-governing Wales has caused him to devote his life’s work to his country. But this vision is based on a profound understanding of the history of Wales, and of the forces which have shaped the Wales of t-day. Central to that history is the story of the Welsh language - a language he himself learnt during his years at University, and the language which, through our history, unites all the people of Wales, whether Welsh-speaking or not.

Today, as the Welsh crisis grows, as more of our people are thrown out of work daily, as our communities and the Welsh economy are being torn asunder, and as the Welsh language faces extinction, Gwynfor Evans calls upon us to unite as a nation in defense of our national inheritance. On this record he outlines the heroic struggle of the Welsh people to hold on to that inheritance in the face of English oppression and mis-government. And he sets before us - and the London Government - a challenge which cannot be ignored.

Recorded at Aberystwyth, July 5th, 1980.

Side 1

  1. “Rhaid i Gymru Fyw”

Side 2

“Wales Must Life”



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