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Côr Eifionydd



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Côr Eifionydd hits the quarter century! Côr Eifionydd was formed twenty five years ago and to celebrate this significant milestone, we have recorded a selection of songs which have been performed by the choir in recent years in concerts, eisteddfodau and other competitions. The songs vary from the classical and religious to folk and traditional. The choir now has 38 members, of which several have been with the choir since the beginning. But we are proud of the fact that we are also able to attract new members regularly who enjoy the fun and friendship of being part of Côr Eifionydd. Why has Côr Eifionydd been so successful over the last 25 years? One major reason is that the members enjoy the challenge of learning new songs to compete and to perform in concerts. But the main reason without a doubt is the invaluable contribution of Pat Jones, the musical director since the very beginning. Under her direction, Côr Eifionydd has become one of the best known and most successful choirs in Wales. We appreciate her work greatly as well as the contribution of our talented accompanist, Catrin Alwen. One bonus of being a member of Côr Eifionydd is the opportunity to travel abroad. The choir has enjoyed visits to Vienna, Paris, Spain and Ireland in the past, and in October 2011, we will visit Prague as the second instalment of our 25th anniversary celebrations. A word from Pat: The 25 years since the choir was formed have flown by! I have many fond memories of the concerts, the competitions, the broadcasts, the trips and the weddings. But also the special community the choir has created – the one that has been meeting in Ysgol Treferthyr in Cricieth for 25 years, and the friendship which has made us one big family. Thankyou to all the choir members, past and present, as well as the accompanists and individuals who have contributed in many ways to the success of the choir – your contributions are very much appreciated. Côr Eifionydd – it has been an honour and my personal privilege to be your conductor.

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