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Dafydd Iwan

Dal i Gredu

Dal i Gredu

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13 new songs from the one who “Still Believes”, heralding the 90’s. Another powerful collection of songs by Dafydd Iwan, and the title of the album proclaims that he “still believes”. The collection varies from the political (Cân Mandela/Cân yr Aborijini), to more light-hearted songs (Cân Angharad), and the ever-popular sing-sing along songs (Anthem Geltaidd/Esgair Llyn).

  1. Draw, draw ymhell
  2. Fel yna mae hi wedi bod erioed
  3. Cân Angharad
  4. Oscar Romero
  5. Esgair Llyn
  6. Cân Mandela
  7. Dal i gredu (“My way”)
  8. Cân i Helen
  9. Cân yr Aborijini
  10. Awel yr Wylfa (“Buachaill an Eirne”)
  11. Doctor Alan
  12. Cân y fam
  13. Yr Anthem Geltaidd
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