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Timothy Evans



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Since the release of his last album, Timothy Evans has lost the one who was his constant companion throughout his singing career. The title track on this new CD is an adaptation of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in heaven”, with the words by Meryl George, Timothy’s sister, and they dedicate the song to the memory of their beloved mother. 5 other brand new tracks are heard on this collection, together with some of his mother’s personal favourites from among Timothy’s previous recordings. Together, they form the most comprehensive song selection ever released by Timothy, an excellent combination of classic covers and songs from many lands and many languages, and a mix of religious and patriotic songs. This album therefore affords us another opportunity to appreciate one of the most unique lyric tenor voices of our time.

  1. Dagrau
  2. Y Droell
  3. Pam Fy Nuw?
  4. Y Fwyalchen
  5. Hine E Hine
  6. Mair Paid Ag Wylo Mwy
  7. Fel Gwna Dau Hen Ffrind
  8. Canlyn Iesu
  9. Vaya Con Dios
  10. Hedd Yn Y Dyffryn
  11. Awel Fwyn
  12. Kara Kara
  13. Breuddwydion Ffôl
  14. Hen Fae Ceredigion
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