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Dylan Morris

'da ni ar yr un lôn

'da ni ar yr un lôn

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The tumultuous 18 months have been an incredibly busy time for Dylan Morris. He wowed the nation with his easy, appealing singing and became a name throughout Wales. After the success of his EP 'Haul ar Fryn' in 2020, Sain is delighted to release his debut album.

Produced by Aled Wyn Hughes Dylan has been accompanied by a number of musicians and friends to create albums of varied and personal songs – Aled on bass, Arfon Wyn on guitar, Nest Llewelyn on piano and background voices, Gwion Llewelyn on drums, Euron Jôs on steel pedal guitar, Elin Taylor on cello and Nia Wyn background voices.

The release of his debut album has been a springboard for Dylan to write lyrics for the first time. ‘Dagrau yn y Glaw’ is a personal tribute to his grandfather, who was such an influence on him. His grandparents, Now and Betty, introduced Dylan to so many of the greats of the popular music scene in Wales. As a child he spent many happy hours in their company listening to the likes of Dafydd Iwan and Hogia Llandegai, and those hours have been a definite boost for Dylan to start singing himself. He sang in a few pubs locally and in open mic competitions for a few years, but it was a year and a half ago that he started building his real audience and since then his popularity has gone from strength to strength.

Several songs on the album have been composed by Arfon Wyn, one who has been Dylan's backer and friend over the last year and a half, and the album's first song, ‘Dyddiau Gwell’, is a collaboration between the two and a song of hope in tumultuous days. ‘Ar yr un lôn’ is a brand new song by Tudur Huws Jones and convinces us that colour, status and position don't matter, as we all end up 'on the same lane'. 'Ty Coch Caerdydd' is a traditional ballad and in stark contrast there are also two English songs on the album, both of which are original songs by Arfon Wyn. Two special guests also join on the album, two singers who are very close to Dylan – his sister, Siân, joins on the duet ‘Y Gwydriaid Olaf, Dylan's own translation of the song 'Whiskey Lullaby', and Dylan's daughter Cari, who stars on the duet 'Canu yn codi calon’, a song that certainly succeeds in doing just that, and also features Dylan's son Aron on the tamborine.

Now, the opportunity came along to perform live again, and for Dylan, this was a great experience, as it was mainly through Cor-ona's facebook page that he had been connecting with his audience so far. Dylan said: "The period since April 2020 has been a very difficult one but for me, and many others, Cor-ona's facebook page has been a comfort and a lifeline during the pandemic – a page full of music and fun, where the hearts of thousands were raised and where my unforgettable journey began. I had no expectations but my thanks are great for the support and the kind words and the amazing opportunities and experiences that have followed.

Through his recent television appearances and upcoming live performances Dylan Morris is in the midst of another busy period and his debut album will certainly be warmly received by audiences far and wide.

Dyddiau gwell
2 Ar yr un lôn
Dargrau yn y glaw
4 Os dwedi ffarwel
5 Y gwydriad olaf
6 Tŷ coch Caerdydd
Cwch dy gariad
Magic gift
Canu yn codi calon
10 Your lucky stars
11 Ti byth yn deud gair

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