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Gwynfor Evans

Cymru Gwynfor

Cymru Gwynfor

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A selection of poems and prose to celebrate Wales and the life of Dr. Gwynfor Evans. Poems – Pa Beth Yw Dyn?, Y Ddrafft, Englynion Coffa Hedd Wyn, Eifionydd, Sir Gaerfyrddin, Y Meirwon, Rygbi, Pantycelyn, Blychau, Crib Goch, Llyn Y Gadair, Preseli, Cymru’n Un, Cymru (Detholiad), Ar Gyfeiliorn, Rhiannon, Anerchiad Etholiad Y Parch. Lewis Valentine, The Meeting, Cymru 1937, Y Tangnefeddwyr, Cân Bom, Fel Hyn Y Bu, Rhydcymerau, Ar Waun Casmael, Pa Beth A Wnawn Ni?, Hedydd Yn Yr Haul, Llyfr Hanes, Detholiad O “Hen Dy Ffarm”, Corlannau, Capel Celyn, Detholiad O “Tynged Yr Iaith”,Yr Heniaith, Colli Iaith, Recordiad O Ganlyniad Caerfyrddin, When Gwynfor Got In For Carmarthen, Gorffennaf 14eg, 1966, Trannoeth Is-Etholiad Caerfyrddin, Melys Yw, Fy Ngwlad, Etifeddiaeth, Llanw A Thrai, Darllen Y Map Yn Iawn, Cyffes Y Bardd, Yma O Hyd, Y Rhufeiniaid, Aderyn Rhyddid, Bwletin Newyddion – Marwolaeth Gwynfor, Eirlysiau, Detholiad O “Ymadawiad Arthur” Llefaru – Dyfan Roberts, Sharon Morgan Mabon ap Gwynfor reads excerpts of the book “Bywyd Cymro” between the opems Gwynfor Evans was more than a mere politician; he embodied the desire of a nation for its freedom, for a better future for our people, and for a world of peace and fraternity. But he was also, despite the intensity of his vision, a man with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He knew that our dream could not be fulfilled without us working together in harmony, and our goal could not be achieved without hard work and perseverance. It would be easy, especially when one remembers also his deeply-held convictions as a Christian and pacifist, to portray him as a strait-laced humourless person, but that would be doing him a great injustice. As his family and closest friends knew full well, Gwynfor was a man with laughter in his soul, and he would enjoy nothing more than sharing in the mirth and jollity of a close-knit community. This rich collection of poetry and prose, compiled by Dyfan Roberts, reflects the Wales of Gwynfor Evans, and the values which drove him and sustained him throughout his long life of campaigning. Here we hear the voices of some of Wales’ foremost poets, expressing the kind of nationalism which is deeply rooted in our history and land, and yet is as wide as humanity itself. For nationalism was not a narrow thing for Gwynfor Evans, but a world-encompassing vision, and this is what sustained him through years of being pilloried and ridiculed by people whose vision was lacking and whose horizons were confined. The collection is interlaced with music specially composed by Owain Llwyd of the University of Wales, Bangor, and quotes from Gwynfor Evans’ autobiography “Bywyd Cymro”, read by his grandson Mabon ap Gwynfor. This recording is released to coincide with the 40th anniversary celebrations of Gwynfor’s historic break-through at the Carmarthen By-election on July 14th, 1966. But it is a recording which will retain its appeal as long as Wales lives, and as long as the memory lives on of one of the 20th century’s greatest Welshmen.

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