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Richard Hughes & Stewart Jones

Co Bach ac Ifas y Tryc

Co Bach ac Ifas y Tryc

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Co Bach ac Ifas y Tryc – Richard Hughes & Stewart Jones: Two of the biggest Welsh entertaining characters of the 20th century, one in the unique voice of Richard Hughes, and the other in the wonderful voice of Stewart Jones. Working behind these two characters was the philosophy of two authors who were masters in their trade, Gruffudd Parry and Wil Sam Jones. By now the four of them are no longer with us, but the voices of Co Bach and Ifas are still as articulate as ever…

           Co Bach:

  1. Di-mob
  2. Y ffliw
  3. Cin a Cwîn
  4. Y mochod bach
  5. Lerpwl
  6. Straeon mawr y byd – Napolion
  7. Nid cardod i ddyn ond gwaith
  8. Smocio, Y Ddrama
  9. Hen Chwedlau’r Cymry – Bendigeidfran
  10. Ymddangosiad anarferol yn Hen Walia

Ifas y Tryc:

  1. Y Singing Tebot
  2. Y Sasiwn Blant
  3. Sbot Checs
  4. Fisitors
  5. Traffig
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