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Catrin Finch

Carnaval de Venise

Carnaval de Venise

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One of the world’s best young harpists presents an international programme of harp music. As a young child, she enjoyed all aspects of music, and loved performing and playing the piano. When she was five years old, her parents arranged for her to see the Spanish harpist, Marisa Robles perform at a local concert. It made a big impression on her and stayed with her until this day. At the age of six, her parents rented a harp for 30 a month. By the age of eight, she started studying with the world-famous harpist Elinor Bennett. She travelled from Llanon to Caernarfon every two weeks for eight years!

  1. Italian Concerto 1
  2. Italian Concerto 2
  3. Italian Concerto 3
  4. Sonata 1
  5. Sonata 2
  6. Sonata 3
  7. Impromptu
  8. Norma
  9. Ballade
  10. Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
  11. Carnaval de Venise
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