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Kizzy Crawford

Cariad y Tir

Cariad y Tir

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“Here is a collection of Welsh folk songs and hymns that have been close to my heart at different stages of my life by giving me a sense of belonging whilst growing up in Wales and also by helping me to appreciate the beautiful land around us and the life, the beauty, the nature, the language, the community and music that thrives on it. To me they also emphasise the love that is put into the land and the love that the land gives back. I recorded the songs over a period of time and the arrangements vary from being traditional and simple influenced by my school years and competing at Eisteddfodau to some with a more alternative feel. As someone who has grown up feeling different to others around me and sometimes treated differently to others due to my skin colour and English and Bajan heritage, it was important for me to record these as they remind me that although I was born in England, I was brought up in Wales, I grew up around Welsh culture, went to Welsh school, and grew up learning, speaking and singing in Welsh in three different beautiful parts of Wales and I now write my music and earn a living mostly through the medium of Welsh and therefore for the majority of my life have mainly identified with Wales and with being Welsh and recording these songs is a way of showing my appreciation and giving back to the land that gave to me.”


1) Dafydd y Garreg Wen

2) Cân Merthyr

3) Ar lan y môr

4) Si hei lwli

5) Pais Dinogad

6) Sosban fach

7) O Flodyn Bach Hardd

8) Gwahoddiad

9) Cariad Cywir

10) Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

11) Calon Lân

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