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Various Artists

Canu'r Pridd

Canu'r Pridd

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A collection ofauthentic ballads, folk songs, penillion singing and instrumental music from the Welsh tradition. If you enjoy the pure sound of traditional Welsh songs, this is an album not to be missed! This collection spans all traditional genres – from folk songs to instrumental airs, and from Penillion Singing to modern ballads. It is a tribute to the late Reverend Elfed Lewys, who has influenced most of the performers who appear on the album.Most of the tracks were recorded during 2003 with artists who are busy keeping the Welsh culture alive locally and nationally. They include Dafydd Idris Edwards from Morriston/Pontypridd who is a fine exponent, and champion, of the art of balladeering. The Foeldrehaearn Trio from Montgomeryshire are very much a part of the Plygain tradition which still survives in parts of Mid Wales. The great voice of Lynn Denman of the group Ffynnon sings the old Welsh carol On Christmas morning, with Cass Meurig playing the revived stringed crwth. The unmistakable voices of Breton singer Brigitte Kloareg and Fern Hill vocalist Julie Murphy combine in a unique rendition of While two remain. Others include Emrys Jones, Arthur Thomas, Arfon Gwilym and the ballad singer from the Llyn Peninsula.

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