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Songs of the 80au - 'Dal i Freuddwydio'

Songs of the 80au - 'Dal i Freuddwydio'

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MTV, Live Aid, Pop artists such as Madonna, Duran Duran, Cindy Lauper, Prince, Alison Moyet and The Smiths, big hair and brash colours, the music video, Top of the Pops and shiny, lively Pop songs on the radio. Wales had it’s own music agenda, in the Welsh language. The Welsh answer to Live Aid was ‘Dwylo Dros y Môr’, a record which, maybe, more than any other, represented the sound of the 80s. This distinctive 80s sound featured on many records on the Sain label, with some tracks by Maffia Mr Huws showing a clear Funk influence and the combination of Funk and Soul prominent on several tracks by artists such as Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Geraint Griffiths, Bando and Ray Jones. Everything about these tracks shouts out 80s!

Meanwhile renowned artists such as Geraint Jarman developed and matured his sound and his albums from 1983 and 1985, Macsen and Enka successfully experimented with the new 80s production effects. Looking through the Sain back catalogue it was obvious that Rock music was very popular throuought the 80s, with a range of tracks from heavy to Prog to raw by rockers such as Crys, Rhiannon Tomos, Omega, Trydan, Diawled and Jaffync. And what about the New Wave influence on Welsh music? Rocyn and their track ‘Merch â Llygaid Oer’ and Urien’s ‘Noson Arall i’r Brenin’ gives us a small taste. And if Punk had had it’s day by 1980, bands such as Trwynau Coch, Ail Symudiad and Clustiau Cŵn were heavily influenced by it. By the end of the 80s young Mark Roberts and a few friends from Llanrwst started Y Cyrff – the band signalled a new era and led to the formation of Catatonia and international success for many Welsh bands.

Enjoy the Welsh sounds of the 80s. Let the music take you to a place and to a period in time when Welsh culture was changing and re-inventing itself once more.”

Rhys Mwyn

1. Dal i freuddwydio 2 - BRODYR
2. Mil o fastiau - ROHAN
3. Arwyr - NEWYDDION
4. Rhedeg rhag y torpidos - TRWYNAU COCH
5. Cysgod lleidr - FICAR
6. Ad-Drefnu - AIL SYMUDIAD
7. I uffern ac yn ôl - MARACA
8. Y cyfrifoldeb - Y CYRFF
9. Merch a llygaid oer - JIM O’ROURKE
10. Fideo - PRYD MA TE
11. Yn yr oriel - LLWYBR CYHOEDDUS
13. Gwawr tequila - BANDO
14. Cerona - ENDAF EMLYN
15. Dwi angen y gwir - DYLAN DAVIES
16. Gormod i'w golli - RHIANNON TOMOS
17. Pethau yn mynd yn galed - RAY JONES
18. Byd o boen - MASNACH RYDD
19. Dawnsio tan y bore - GARI PRYSOR

21.Byw yn y radio - CLUSTIAU CWN
22. Mods a rocers - TRYDAN
23. Noson y blaidd - DIAWLED
24. Nos Sadwrn - CRYS
25. Tân yn y llyn - JAFFYNC
26. Sianel 3 - LOUIS THOMAS
27. Nos Sadwrn - ANGYLION STANLI
28. Yr ateb - OMEGA
29. Noson arall i'r brenin - URIEN
30. Cerdded rownd y dre - DEREC OWEN
31. Cocaine - STEVE EAVES
32. Perygl yn y fro - MEIC STEVENS
33. Heno heno - ERYR WEN
34. Paratoi y ffordd i seion - GERAINT JARMAN
35. Rhywle heno - MAFFIA MR HUWS
36. Port gwir - EDWARD H.DAFIS
37. Meibion y fflam - SOBIN A'R SMEILIAID
38. Dwylo dros y môr - DWYLO DROS Y MÔR

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