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Hogia'r Wyddfa

Caneuon Gorau Hogia'r Wyddfa - Cyfrol 2

Caneuon Gorau Hogia'r Wyddfa - Cyfrol 2

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1973 was the historic year when three young lads from the small village of Llanberis, Arwel Jones, Myrddin Owen and Elwyn Jones, came together for the first time to sing at a special meeting in the village.

It wasn't difficult to find a suitable name, as Llanbêr has long been associated with the mountain that has its foot stuck to the village, and it was "Triawd y Wyddfa" for a while. "Caru Cymru" was one of the Triawd's early songs even at that time, and one of the items that caught the attention of the national audience who heard the charming trills and their natural singing for the first time on television programs such as "Hob y Deri Dando" and "Sgubor Lawen".

At that time, Arwel would take his guitar to follow him to give an instrumental background to the singing, but it was soon decided that he should have his hands free to stand with the other two, and to be able to cultivate his talent as a bit of a clown in the occasional sketch - an important part of the lads' performances since the beginning. So, we turned to another young boy from the area, Vivian Williams, one that everyone in the cylch had heard of, taking every opportunity he got to put a ton on his guitar. The first one Vivs did with the lads was quite a funny show, however. He had broken his finger the day before, and that was in a thick "bandage". Apparently the attempt to fit into the new pattern for the first time, incidentally as a refugee from Ysbyty Môn and Arfon, has created a few unfortunate notes, to say the least. The new sound soon found its place however, and after an increasing number of concerts and joyful nights - now all over Wales - and more fame through the medium of the little box, it was time to break the record first, and these four recorded "Caru Cymru" - the first to bear the name "Hogia'r Wyddfa", back in 1968.

The same year, we found Dic Morris, from Caernarfon, who also has a reputation for being a bit of a genius on the piano, being able to pick up a melody and give it accompaniment the very first time. And of course, that's creating that special sound that every Welshman and Welshwoman now knows as Hogia'r Wyddfa.

Side 1

1.Titw Tomos Las


3.Y ferch ar y cei yn Rio

4.Pont yr Abar


6.Caru Cymru


Side 2


2.Draw mae'r llais yn galw

3.Chwarel Dinorwig





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