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Cân y Celt

Cân y Celt

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‘TRIO are in some ways a very Welsh phenomenon; not classical, not pop, not rock and not folk, but merely three great young male voices combining to make fine music in harmony. Emyr, Bedwyr and Steffan have one very special thing in common – a love of singing, and a natural ability to draw on songs from all genres to fulfil that love. In this they have a guiding light in Annette Bryn Parri, their accompanist and mentor, who also contributes to this album as a composer. Like Annette, they all have strong connections with the slate-quarrying region of North-West Wales, an area which has made a significant contribution to the contemporary music scene in Wales. After the continuing success of their debut album, this second collection is further evidence that TRIO can excite and mesmerise as they sing new and familiar songs, in Welsh and in English, and appeal to a wide audience. As their public performances prove, that audience can hardly wait to get their hands on this new CD of TRIO favourites’. 
Dafydd Iwan

  1. Cân y Celt
  2.  Rho i Mi Nerth
  3.  The One
  4.  Lluniau Ddoe
  5.  Mae dy Serch yn Fwy Na'r Cyfan
  6.  If You Need Somebody Tonight
  7.  Dal y Freuddwyd
  8.  Mair a Wyddet Ti
  9.  Mia per sempre
  10.  Gwanwyn yn ei Gwên
  11.  February Song
  12.  Because we Believe
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