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Heather Jones

Best of Heather Jones

Best of Heather Jones

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Heather's great strength is that she always took the art of singing and the craft of recording seriously, and always wanted the best possible results. Listening to these early tracks brings this home, and they have withstood the test of time remarkably well. And Heather herself is still captivating audiences throughout Wales with a style of singing which emanates from a warm, witty and positive personality.

Tracks –

1. Glyndwr

2. Pam yr wyt ti’n wylo, wylo?

3. O dyma fore

4. Dan y dwr

5. Roedd gen i dy

6. Dyddiau a fu

7. Tra bo dau

8. Nos ddu

9. Cân y bugail

10. Aderyn pur

11. Mynd yn ôl i’r dre

12. Cwm Hiraeth

13  Jiawl

14. Cân i Janis

15. Paid ag eistedd

16. Penrhyn gwyn

17. Bachgen

18. Dwi ddim am dy weled…

19. Aur yr heulwen

20. Gwrando ar fy nghan

21. Syrcas o liw

22. Ble’r aeth haul y bore

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