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Bryn Terfel & Rhys Meirion



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A special recording by two international Welsh Opera stars in perfect harmony in a stunning performance that will resonate around the world. Bryn Terfel and Rhys Meirion were born within a few miles of each other among the Western foothills of Snowdonia. They are the product of a very unique culture where singing – from a very young age – is a normal as breathing, and singing competitions (“eisteddfodau”) a part of everyday life. Both Bryn and Rhys testify to the importance of Welsh culture in their musical unbringing, and this collection of duets is a tribute to that culture. There are also songs from other cultures, and Bryn Terfel and Rhys Meirion are equally at home in many genres and nmusical styles. To watch them in the recording studio was to witnesstwo musical beings as well. And that harmony is heard and felt throughout this very special recording.

  1. Benedictus
  2. Y Darlun
  3. Y Ddau Forwr
  4. Grist Bendigedig
  5. Perhaps Love
  6. Y Ddau Frython
  7. Ainsberg
  8. Luned
  9. Dal Ein Tir
  10. Pan Fo'r Nos Yn Hir
  11. Eli Jenkins' Prayer
  12. Y Ddau Wladgarwr
  13. Anwylyn Mair
  14. Yr Arglwydd Yw Fy Mugail
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