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Baiaia! is Gai Toms 6th studio album, his last one, 'Orig' (Recordiau SAIN 2019), featured Tara Bandito and the Bandito band. 'Orig' was a celebration of Welsh wrestling legend - Orig Williams' life, stage name - El Bandito (Tara's late father). The 'Orig' tour was as a wrestling infused theatrical stomp in Welsh theatres and village halls, in true Orig Williams spirit!

Gai Toms composed two albums during lockdowns, Baiaia! being the first to emerge.


On Baiaia!, we see Gai Toms letting go of his conceptual tendencies, allowing songs to be their own arecibo messages in their own universes. From the emotionally driven new wave opener 'Y Berllan' to the tongue in cheek bitter-sweet pop-rock of 'Melys Gybolfa', Gai Toms gives us sonic snapshots of his post pandemic sensibilities. The mid album beauty of 'Pen Llyn' offers a break from the upbeat, then 'Neidia' pulls you back in for a bit of Talking Heads style fusion. 'Hed, hed, hed' is an indie ode to self-determination, while 'Gwlad yn ein pennau' pen-ultimates the album as an anthem for inter-dependent positivities. Baiaia! (song) finishes off as a Cure-esque anthem of hope and humanity. Overall, Baiaia! is a neo-wave / rock affair, fused with Gai Toms emotionally charged lyrics, and folk spirit. Studio personel favourite was 'Agorydd', sublime!

"Baiaia! started out as an urge for more upbeat songs in my live repertoire, and developed from there onwards. I tried my best to avoid overcomplicatiions, and just let things happen. The best songs come to life when you don't think too much. Baiaia! grew organically... the seed of idea, the earth of creation, and the water and sunshine of devoted band members and studio personel. Of course, the size of the pot in wich the plant grows is a metaphor for Welsh language music budgets these days! But hey, love thy labour... Baiaia!" Gai Toms

Baiaia! songs were written in the summer of 2022, and recorded at SAIN STUDIOS, Llandwrog, with the Gai Toms band over Easter 2023. Gai Toms as producer, and Aled Wyn Hughes (Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog) as engineer and co-producer. As a native of Pen Llŷn he appears as bassist on that song. Time was short, but in hindsight it gave the album it's 'happy go lucky' vibe. After recording the rhythm section, Gai Toms recorded the vocals, synths and percussion at his own SBENSH STUDIOS, Tanygrisiau, before sending the components to the capable hands of Ifan Emlyn (Candelas) to mix.

Look out for Gai Toms (band + solo) gigs over the next few months -

 1. Y Berllan

  2. Agorydd

  3. Melys Gybolfa

  4. Mwg

  5. Pen Llŷn

  6. Neidia

  7. Chwedlau yn y fflachlwch

  8. Hed, hed, hed

  9. Gwlad yn ein pennau

10. Baiaia!

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