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Dafydd Iwan

Ar Dân

Ar Dân

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During June and early July I toured Wales with the programme 'Dafydd Iwan Ar Tân!', a programme of new songs, some translated from other languages, some I hadn't presented on stage before, a few old favourites and a few parodies. Thank you Hefin and Tudur, and for a few thousand of you, the trip has been a memorable experience for me. This record is a tour record, which manages to capture the atmosphere of the 'live night' where the reaction of a packed audience is as important as the singing itself. I'm an alien in a recording studio, but I'm like I'm home on stage, and that's hopefully what makes this record different.

But these aren't songs to put you at ease either. In the world and in today's Wales, no one in full view can sit back nicely and his feet up. With the Trident on the horizon and the plane playing war above us, with societies shattered and a lack of work like a cane in our broom, we can't afford to be matter-free.

We are people, like the people of Chile, El Salvador and Ireland who are fighting for freedom, and in the words of Victor Jara, for 'the right to live the glory of peace'. If we are to win that right nonviolently we must first annihilate the insane violence and warfare that underpins a government like the English government at present. America and Russia are just as bad I know, but we pay taxes to the English government..... Dafydd Iwan. Gorffennaf 1981.

Side 1

  1. A gwn fod popeth yn iawn
  2. Teg oedd yr awel
  3. Ac fe ganon ni
  4. Parodi ar ‘Eifionydd’
  5. Magi Thatcher
  6. Mae rhywun yn y carchar
  7. Y Dref a gerais i gyd
  8. Pam fod eira yn wyn

Side 2

  1. Am na ches i wâdd i’r briodas
  2. Parodi ar ‘Hon’
  3. Cân search (I awyren ryfel)
  4. Y pedwar cae
  5. Bod yn rhydd
  6. Cân Victor Jara
  7. Yr hawl i fyw mewn hedd


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