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Eleri Llwyd

Am Heddiw mae 'Nghân

Am Heddiw mae 'Nghân

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Re-issue of the 1977 album by one of Wales’ most iconic female voices.

Eleri Llwyd, a prominent member of the early 1970’s Welsh language politically driven pop group ‘Y Chwyldro’ and psych influenced group ‘Y Nhw’, made a name for herself as a soloist in 1971 when she released her first 7’’ Vinyl EP with prolific record label ‘Sain’. In Gruff Rhys’ words, she “blazed a versatile path through popular song” and by 1977, Eleri had released her first album, here re-issued. This album features Eleri’s stunning voice in collaboration with musicians Gruff Rhys described as “the cream of Sain’s progressive rock musicians, creating a short lived yet unique progressive folk-opera-disco movement”.

Also available on CD.

Side One –

1. Ble 'Rwyt Ti Heno?

2. Dawns

3. Blentyn Mair

4. Pryd y Caf Weled fy Nghymru'n Rhydd

5. Pluen Eira

6. Ffarwel Fehefin

Side Two -

7. Esgus yw dy Gariad

8. Crinddail Hydref

9. Colli

10. Cariad Cyntaf

11. Mae'n Rhydd

12. Am Heddiw Mae 'Nghân.

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