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WELSH & GAELIC (NO English version on this DVD!!!) In a hidden corner under Ben’s bed lies his favourite pop-up book. This is no ordinary book – this is where the Abadas live! They are: Hari the hippo, Ela the fox and Seren the bat. Once the book is opened, the Abadas’ world comes alive and it’s playtime for the three adventurers. Join the Abadas as they try and match a new word with objects found on the Abada Island and have an “aba-doobe-dee” time in the process! Episodes 01. Gwdihŵ 02. Cyfrifiadur 03. Ymbarél 04. Esgid Rolio 05. Trên Stêm 06. Sgi 07. Crwban y Môr 08. Tân Gwyllt 09. Anrheg 10. Map Extra Features 3 9pc Jigsaws Counting Game WELSH & GAELIC (NO English version on this DVD!!!)

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