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Sobin a'r Smaeliaid

...a Rhaw

...a Rhaw

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... A Spade

"Mattock andSpade". What is this? Idol-worshipping relics of the past? Turning man's simpleton weapons into art sculptures? Mattock and Spade things that seem useless in this technological age, but will probably survive the computer, synth and sampler. Mattock and spade will be needed to build the sophisticated sound studio of the future. In the past due to limited time and money we (SAS) have been depends (perhaps too much) on the new technological resources available in a modern studio. Troy we've tried to put the emphasis on the musicians, Smaelians and guest musicians. Drums and live percussion, real blast instruments.
The Musicians' Union says
"Keep the music alive" man!

  1. Treni in Partenza
  2. Paradwys Ffŵl
  3. Lledar Du
  4. Llongau Caernarfon
  5. Lawr y Lôn
  6. Sibrwd dy Gelwydd
  7. Y Ferch Danddaearol
  8. Rocio
  9. Quarry (Man's Arms)
  10. Carmen Gloria
  11. O Bell
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