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He started life as Gareth Thomas, from Tanygrisiau, near Blaenau Ffestiniog. Gareth Thomas became Gai Toms, but his nickname in Blaenau – a town famous for its nicknames – was Mim Twm Llai (see the Welsh notes for the explanation!). Inspired by the songs of Meic Stevens, he began writing his own, taking his raw material from the people and places of his birth. He became part of the influential band Anweledig, whose members are now dispersed amongst a plethora of other groups, and listened to a wide variety of music from all parts of the globe. His songwriting continued unabated, resulting in 3 albums on the CRAI and RASAL labels: ‘O’r Sbensh’, ‘Straeon y Cymdogion‘ and ‘Eira Mawr‘. He saw the latter as Mim Twm Llai’s swansong, and a tribute to his late father, before starting on his own, becoming Gai Toms again, and embarking on a quest to push his music into hitherto unchartered waters.
The best tracks of Mim Twm Llai were released on Best Of.

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