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Brothers ALUN and DAFYDD JONES, attended Bodedern and Holyhead Schools, before they developed their skills as welders to continue in their father’s business. Their father ran ‘Arfryn’ garage in Bodedern, and since his retirement, the brothers have taken over , combining their work in the garage with their singing duties.

They began their country singing in the 70’s under the name Driftwood, singing entirely in English. They changed their name to “Broc Môr” in the 90’s and are singing mostly in Welsh nowadays.

Alun has 3 children, and Dafydd has 4.

They compose some of their own material, but depend mostly on other composers’ works and arrangements of familiar English classics. They are both guitarists and vocalists, and their first cassette was released on SAIN records in 1994. Since then, their popularity has grown, and they regularly travel the length and breadth of Wales to perform their powerful country songs. They take bookings all year round.
Broc Môr can be heard frequently on Radio Cymru programmes as well as a variety of S4C programmes.

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