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Various Artists - Rhannu'r Hen Gyfrinachau

Various Artists - Rhannu'r Hen Gyfrinachau

RELEASE DATE – 28/11/2017

Rhannu’r Hen Gyfrinachau (“Sharing the old secrets”) is a compilation album featuring female artists who were prominent on the Welsh popular music scene between 1965-1975 and who recorded 7“singles on the Cambrian, Wren, Welsh Teldisc and Sain labels. Towards the late 60s Wales saw a flurry of enthusiasm and vibrance on the Welsh pop scene but what was most surprising was the emergence of so many new groups – and those being predominantly female groups – adding their own unique sound to popular, contemporary songs.
Some of the artists on this album are still singing, recording and performing, others have moved on and sadly some are no longer with us, but what we do have is an album that once again brings songs and artists from that prolific musical decade in Wales back into the limelight so that a new generation can listen and enjoy the original recordings on CD. Put simply what ties this collection together is the sheer feeling and emotion in the voices, the variety and style of the songs and the innate way they convey that passion and enjoyment to the audience.

1 Rosalind Lloyd – Hen Gyfrinach
2 Janet Humphreys – Nôl Ataf Fi
3 Meinir Lloyd – Watshia Di Dy Hun
4 Sidan – Cymylau
5 Tannau Tawela – Swcw, Swcw
6 Eirlys Parri – Blodau’r Grug
7 Evelyn Bridger – Penblwydd Hapus
8 Swyn – Heulwen Mai
9 Ann Morris – Bydd Hon Yn Ddigon
10 Y Perlau – La, La, La
11 Y Pelydrau – Englynion
12 Y Melinwyr – Y Gusan Gyntaf
13 Doreen Davies – Y Storm
14 Gwenann – Hyfryd Wlad Pen Llyˆn
15 Eleri Llwyd – Mae’r Oriau’n Hir
16 Mari Griffith – Rhowch i Mi Eiriau
17 Y Diliau – John Alfred
18 Helen Wyn a Hebogiaid y Nos – O Fewn Fy Nghalon i
19 Heather Jones – Rhaid i’r Plant
20 Y Tlysau – Trên Bach

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