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Elin Fflur - Dim Gair

Elin Fflur - Dim Gair

This is Elin Fflur’s first solo CD. These songs has a true testament to her talent as a singer and songwriter.

This is Elin Fflur’s first solo CD After early success with her band Carlotta some years ago, Elin’s name sprung to national prominence after singing the winning entry in 2002’s Can I Gymru (Song for Wales) competition. Soon after she joined the ever popular Anglesey based group Y Moniars and enjoyed unrivalled success with them following the release of their first album with Elin as their lead singer – Harbwr Diogel (SAIN SCD 2380).With the release of her debut solo album, Elin joins the the honourable (and honoured) legacy of the Welsh singer/songwriter. Her songs derive from personal experiences or the experiences of those close to her and every song on her new album is a passionate and sincere performance. Her natural charisma and stunnig voice will no doubt captivate audiences even further, with the songs bearing a true testament to her talent as a singer and songwriter.

Track Listing

  1. Dim Gair
  2. Ydio'n Deg?
  3. Ddoi'm yn Ôl
  4. Pan Ddaw'r Haul
  5. Mae'r Ysbryd yn Troi
  6. Tybed Lle Mae Hi Heno?
  7. Paid Troi dy Gefn
  8. Y Llwybr Lawr i'r Dyffryn
  9. Ar Lan y Môr
  10. Syrthio
  11. Unwaith
  12. Gwylio Sêr y Nos



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