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Bitw - Gad i Mi Gribo Dy Wallt

Bitw - Rasal LL034

In the middle of Thatcher’s 80’s Sain Recordings launched a singles club called “Senglau Sain” introducing some of the most important and influential Welsh rock and pop artists of the period, and indeed in the history of Welsh pop.

From Ail Symudiad to Bando to Rhiannon Tomos a’r Band to Omega to Rocyn to Angylion Stanli to name but a few. The singles were proudly presented on 7 inches of vinyl oozing pop, identity and confidence.

In 2017, even though Tories, Trump and imperialism are ruling the world, we are living in a period when Welsh language pop – in terms of artists and independent labels – is stronger and more productive than ever. It is in that context that Sain and Turnstile are extremely proud and excited to re-launch “Senglau Sain” in digital format.

Using the iconic original artwork and recorded at the legendary Sain Studios in Llandwrog, North Wales, it is a pleasure to present BITW which is the new project of Gruff ab Arwel
(Eitha Tal Ffranco, y Niwl, Gruff Rhys etc): the first single of the series and one of the best pop singles anywhere of 2017 “Gad i Mi Gribo dy Wallt“ (“Let me Comb Your Hair“). Melody, instrumentation, layered vocals, and a title that matches its perfection!

The track was produced and recorded by Llyr Parri at Sain Studios on Novemeber 7th, 2017. As well as Gruff, the band on the track features Alex Morrison, Gwion Llewelyn and Mari Morgan.

Track Listing

  1. Gad i Mi Gribo dy Wallt
  • Product ID : Rasal LL034
  • Label: Rasal
  • Genre: Pop / Roc
  • Format: Digital
  • Released: 2017



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