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MC Mabon - Jonez Williamz

MC Mabon - CopaCD003

Tipped as his finest release to date, Copa is very proud to announce the long awaited Jonez Williamz, an astonishingly inventive new album by MC Mabon.

Chaotically recorded in Gaiman, the Welsh town in Patagonia, Argentina and in various studios throughout Wales during 2006 and 2007, Jonez Williamz is truly a gem full of endearing organized chaos, colourful lyrics, dirty humour, and various musical styles. MC Mabon said,

“We were very privileged to have the opportunity to record out in Gaiman, Patagonia, and this is the first Welsh language album to be recorded out there and possibly the first one to be recorded on another continent so that’s good! It was hard, but well worth it.”

With 10 highly varied songs, and featuring collaborations with artists from Patagonia and Wales including Huw Owen (AKA mr.huw), Dave Wrench, Frank Naughton, Hector MacDonald and Greg Haver, Jonez Williamz truly offers everything from melody to rap by one of Wales’ best musicians. The combination of the variety of instruments and expanding style creates a musical canvas of delights. Mabon added,

“It’s been a long process, after composing the songs myself they have been continually developed and modified whilst working on two different continents. I am of the opinion that they are good!”

MC Mabon is the executive producer whilst renowned produced Greg Haver, known for his diverse production skills and inventive arrangements with artists such as Super Furry Animals, Lost Prophets and the Manic Street Preachers, co-produced Mabon’s work of genius. Haver’s warm production is imminent throughout and complements Mabon’s lush arrangements in his innovative masterpiece. Make no mistake, Jonez Williamz is full of sweet anticipation and is truly foreplay, which will leave you yearning for more.

The album has drawn inspiration from a variety of weird and wonderful things from the MC Mabon world of delights, including “perros locos, air hostesses, armadillos, over-population, global warming, wine and coffee!”

Radio Wales’ Adam Walton, said

“I imagine that the inside of Gruff Meredith’s brain is a cross between the Beastie Boys recording studio, the National library of Wales in Aberystwyth and somewhere Bob Dylan might have slept when he first arrived in New York in the early 60’s.’

Track Listing

  1. Pethe Gwell
  2. Llond Bola
  3. Gloi Boi Heb Gar
  4. Lawr i Comodoro
  5. Be Di Be
  6. Perros Locos
  7. Gwynt a Glaw
  8. O Ffrind
  9. Pwdin
  10. Dau Gam Ymlaen
  • Product ID : CopaCD003
  • Label: Copa
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Album
  • Released: 2007



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