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STEVE EAVES has been performing as a singer-composer for over 40 years, but first came to public attention in Wales as a poet, publishing two volumes of poetry (‘Noethni’, 1983 and ‘Jazz yn y Nos’. 1986). His poetic roots show clearly in his finely honed lyrics, but the Blues has always been his main musical influence, as well as influences from the world of jazz and many forms of rock and folk. The musicians in his Band (Rhai Pobl) come mainly from the Bethesda/Bangor area, and most of them have worked with him for over 20 years, featuring on many of his 9 solo albums, which include Cyfalaf a Chyfaddawd (1985), Croendenau (1992), Y Canol Llonydd Distaw (1996), Iawn (1999) and Moelyci (2007). Moelyci took 6 years in the making, and is considered to be the pinnacle of his music so far.
One feature which places Steve apart from most singers is that he takes intense interest in all aspects of the production of an album – the words, the melody, the arrangement and instrumentation, the production in all its forms down to the final mix, and not least the content and design of the packaging.
Steve is an acomplished acoustic guitarist, with a sensitive and subtle style, and sings with a warm, soft voice with occasionally a rougher bluesy edge to it. His band members include some of Wales’ best musicians. Elwyn Williams is a versatile guitarist who has collaborated with Steve for 25 years and more, both as guitarist and co-producer. The voice of Jackie Williams, with her great talent for close harmony singing, has been a feature of Steve’s recordings on several of his albums, and Gwyn ‘Maffia’ Jones is not only a proficient and experienced percussionist, but his recording and production skills have also been a big influence. The latest member to join the band is ‘Funky’ Pete Walton on double bass – another versatile musician of great experience. Jochen Eisentraut needs no introduction to followers of music in Wales and beyond, as his keyboard and saxophone skills, as well as his talents as composer, are also heard with the groups Acoustique and the Dr. Jay Trio.
As composer, poet , singer and instrumentalist, STEVE EAVES is no slave to fashion or fads, and his songs will endure, and will always continue to appeal to all who enjoy good music.

What the reviewers said about MOELYCI:

“This is one of the times when I dearly wish I was a fluent Welsh speaker because I’d love to follow this beautifully packaged album in its original language. Musically, I love it. From the lonesome cowboy harmonica of ‘Ymlaen Mae Canaan’ to the poetry of ‘Mesen’, Steve has put together an album of such diversity that a mainstream English label would run a mile. At the core of the band are multi-instrumentalist Elwyn Williams and drummer Gwyn Jones, equally capable of gentle ambient sounds and dirty rock’n’roll, while the title instrumental is reminiscent of Richard Thompson in lyrical mood.” ROCK’N’REEL
“In terms of its packaging, the words, the music, the production, it’s astounding. This is definitely one of the year’s best albums.” GOLWG

“From simple acoustic ballads to edgy blues-influenced tunes, one instrumental, plus one track that features poet Gerallt Lloyd Owen reading extracts from his classic poem “Y Gwladwr”. Production is crisp and clean, and the arrangements feature a backing of bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddles, and backing vocals by Jackie Williams. ….An enjoyable collection of modern Welsh music.

“An occasionally challenging listen…a more heartfelt album we are unlikely to hear from a Welsh artist this year” DAILY POST

“Like the contributions of the musicians themselves, the sound and quality of the instruments is fantastic, and I think I have never heard Steve Eaves’ voice –itself a powerful and effective instrument – sounding so good….‘authentic’ is the word which constantly comes to mind when listening to this album. An authentic album of fine quality which stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest recordings of any country in the world” YR HERALD CYMRAEG

“On a personal note, I do have favorites. [Moelyci] is one of them!”

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